Month: September 2014


Reporting Drivers

Sky News had an article about Video Vigilantes

Whilst I’m no vigilante, I do strongly believe bad drivers should not be on the road. There was a website mentioned on the article and on the report Police Witness. It sells, and offers dashcams for sale. Some appear to be pretty good , albeit pricey – maybe even better than mine (which is a DOD LS300W)

Which reminds me, I must report a littering Merc and a crazy female BMW driver.


International Coffee Day: Around the world of extreme coffee in 5 fantastic facts

Remember this? There’s more where that came from.


How To Check If Your Mac or Linux Machine Is Vulnerable to Shellshock

Copy-paste this line of text into a bash window

env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable' bash -c 'echo hello'

If the reply comes back as:

vulnerable hello



Then your version of bash is vulnerable to shellshock. Most distributions have already pushed out a new version of bash. My Ubuntu machines updated yesterday.

If you use Cygwin, then you need to check there to. Cygwin bash 4.1.10 is definitely vulnerable, but 4.1.11 is not.

If your version of bash is not vulnerable the output will be:

bash: warning: x: ignoring function definition attempt
bash: error importing function definition for `x'

How To Check If Your Mac or Linux Machine Is Vulnerable to Shellshock.

Fitness & Health

C25K – Week 9 Day 1

I completed C25K Week 9 Day 1 (4.83 km), in 25:50, pace 05:21 min/km, with @RunDouble

A successful non-stop run today. Felt really good during the run, even after a busy day at the office. No records broken today, but being able to clock 4.8km without stopping is an achievement.

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