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Russian government threatens a ban on Google, Facebook and Twitter

Roskomnadzor, a Russian government agency that oversees communications and media, threatened late last week to block access to Google, Facebook and Twitter if the social media services don’t hand over data on certain Russian bloggers.

The government agency demanded Google, Facebook and Twitter hand over data about users, particularly Russian bloggers with 3,000 daily readers or more. Rozkomnadzor also asked the services to delete content that promotes protests and other unsanctioned public events, Reuters reported.

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RPHM Training – Week 15, Day 4

I was out running 5.17 km with #Endomondo #endorphins

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Didn’t finish the 8K like I was planning, but still got past half way.

RPHM Training – Week 15, Day 3

I was out running 2.84 km with #Endomondo #endorphins

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Yes, I finally got onto Twitter. Makes for updating my blog a bit easier, since I can copy then share my run details via Twitter. Still need to learn the kinks in Twitter though. Still don’t like what Twitter did to TweetDeck, though…


So, after finally fixing my environment, and manually having to use 3.17 kernel, I have a running environment, but Dungeon Defenders still hangs, and Dota 2 has graphic rendering issues — meaning I miss the opponents and they can creep up behind me, along with enemy grunts.

Guess I won’t be playing anything Steam-based for a while….


Tux, the Linux penguin

Official Ubuntu circle with wordmark. Replace ...

Deutsch: Logo von Fedora

I think I have figured out why my machine has been playing up.

In both cases, my machine was trying to run kernel 3.19, but after checking, I found that this kernel version has been marked EOL.

I installed Fedora 21, which came with kernel 3.17 and worked, but after updating, it stopped working, with kernel 3.19. Forcing it to run on 3.17 was okay, though.


Good: Fedora, with Linux 3.17.4-301.fc21.x86_64

Bad: Fedora, with Linux 3.19.7-200.fc21.x86_64

Latest kernel release is 4.0.4, so I need to wait for Fedora to update.

Interestingly, it could also explain why I was also having trouble with Ubuntu, as it also ran 3.19. When trying to reinstall Ubuntu from the latest install image, it hung, presumably because it was trying to use the 3.19 Kernel. In theory, I could use an older installer (e.g. Utopic Unicorn) instead.

So now, I’m running Fedora with a 3.19 main kernel (which fails) and 3.17 secondary kernel. I was going to file a bug on, but found out about 3.19 being EOL, which means no bug fixes will be released, so there is no point in filing the bug.

On the plus side, my machine seems SO much more zippier running Fedora. Although trying to run Dota 2 seems a bit quirky. Dust: An Elysian Tail worked pretty well, as did Second Life (I was able to crank Singularity Viewer up to Ultra without major speed loss).

I still need to reinstall BOINC and any other missing apps I might have, and get used to using yum, yumex and dnf instead of apt-get, aptitude and synaptic all over again, but apart from that, it should be all good.

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