Taking the Same Train Each Day…

When you take the same train each day, you notice things….

  • The person with the crazy hair
  • The person who reeks of BO or has a flatulence problem…
  • The person who always never has time to do her make-up and spends the journey doing her face
  • The person who always wears winter gear even in summer. Or summer gear in winter
  • The person always sleeping with their feet on the opposite-facing seats
  • The person who always brings a FULL-SIZED BIKE onto the train
  • The person who brings a smelly McDonalds/Burger King meal onto the train.
  • The person who has an open can of Red Bull (can’t they f**king change the smell on that thing?)

Android 6.0

So I updated my S5 to Android 6.0.1 using Cyanogenmod, and I’ve noticed some slight lagging. Apps tend to close themselves randomly, normally when less apps are running than on Android  5.1.1. Also, when using the tethered connection, there’s some lag there too, causing my online games to judder. Though that part is only hypothetical, I’m going to test this by downgrading my phone back to 5.1 and verifying whether there’s lag on my connection there. If there isn’t, I’ll report this as a bug.

Former head of Russian anti-doping agency ‘dies of heart attack’ – Telegraph

Nikita Kamaev resigned from Rusada in November after doping scandal engulfed Russian athletics

Source: Former head of Russian anti-doping agency ‘dies of heart attack’ – Telegraph

Am I the only one who is the slightest bit suspicious by this convenient “heart attack” – just a couple of months after he resigned and soon after the scandal really took hold?

Irony? Or suspicious?

As you might know already, Swiftkey is going to be bought by Microsoft. And suspiciously, this morning I found an update to Swiftkey. But it keeps failing to install. The other 6 updates installed fine. Just Swiftkey refuses to update. Suspicious? Or just coincidence?


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Chinese New Year rush: Woman has ‘rockstar’ treatment as sole plane passenger – Telegraph

Millions of people are heading home for Chinese New Year, the country’s biggest migration period, causing travel chaos


But in China one lucky woman enjoyed a “rockstar” moment after being the only passenger to turn up for a China Southern Airlines flight from Wutan to Guangzhou.

Source: Chinese New Year rush: Woman has ‘rockstar’ treatment as sole plane passenger – Telegraph

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