The Voting Process

This is why Trump got voted.
Maybe this will give america the kick in the arse it needs to change its voting system.
And maybe it’ll give the UK a kick it needs to also get rid of the first past the post system here too.
But I’m not holding my breath.

Wix gets caught “stealing” GPL code from WordPress | Ars Technica

Well… “stealing”? I guess it depends on how you interpret the GPL.  Nonetheless bottom line is — if you are going to use GPL code, your code and product must follow the same license. i.e.

“… if you’re going to embed GPL stuff in your code and produce a derivative product, you’re going to have to make that derivative compliant with GPL—either by shipping the code with it or providing the code on request”

So, the headline of “stealing” GPL code? Can you actually “steal” code that is open source? Using open source in a closed source product would be a violation of the GPL (which I believe is what’s being talked about here), but is that “stealing”?

I’m not siding with either side here, I’m just not sure the word “stealing” is the right phrase to use in this headling here, quoted or not. Guess that’s clickbait for you….

Source: Wix gets caught “stealing” GPL code from WordPress | Ars Technica

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