Magic happens with the Ubuntu tablet – TechRepublic

Jack Wallen reviews the bq Aquaris M10 tablet and he’s impressed. If you’ve been on the fence about Ubuntu Touch, this might just assuage those unpleasant feelings.

Source: Magic happens with the Ubuntu tablet – TechRepublic

Canonical tried to do this with their last attempt to crowdsource their Ubuntu phone, but it didn’t make enough money. This one looks pretty good too. Now I wonder if I could run Android apps on there too. :D

Marathon Records

How many marathons have you run? Could you do more than one in a year? How about a month? A week? This old article from The Telegraph (and recently showed up on Oddity Central at shows a guy running *370 marathons in a year.*
The most I’ve seen a woman run was 366, and that was Annette Fredskov (

10 things no one tells women before they run the London Marathon

Source: 10 things no one tells women before they run the London Marathon

Surprisingly a couple of these made me laugh.

#5 you’ll get penis envy. Actually, it’s not a good thing – especially if you forget to wear tight pants. Trying to run around the park with your little friend trying his darnedest to distract you is definitely not fun. Funny, yes. Uncomfortable? Damned so.

#6 you will become a running bore – guilty.

#10 you will want to do another one – yes, but not yet. The atmosphere when I ran the RPHM was electric. I want to experience that again, but not yet.

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