Training in Quarantine – Day 294 & 295

Yesterday was a nice hot day, but my hay fever came on with a vengeance, and I mean vengeance — my eyes were streaming, my nose would not stop running and I was sneezing almost the entire day, well into the evening. I spent a large part of the day with tissues jammed up my nose in an attempt of relief.

Surprisingly, going out for a walk actually felt better and not much sneezing then.

Today, the weather was hot again, so my dad and I decided to vac out the car, then I did my walk.

Training in Quarantine – Day 291

Been lacking a few days of logging, but here’s a rough update.

Temperature has dropped back down to woolly hat and gloves weather and been checking that torched fence a few times. Saw a few alcohol bottle fragments in the hedge. Don’t know if they were there before the fire, so arson is a possibility, which would make sense sense a hedge doesn’t just suddenly catch fire…

Training in Quarantine – Day 290

Did two sets of walking today. Yesterday afternoon, there was a large cloud of smoke nearby and I figured something was on fire. It was too much smoke for a BBQ and too much for a bonfire. My parents who were out walking after me, said they saw something but couldn’t get near as everyone was being turned away from a house, presumably where the problem was.

This morning, as I went to shopping, I stopped past where they told me the fire was, but couldn’t find any torched houses.

When I came back after shopping and light was better, I decided to walk the area to try to find it. After 45 minutes walk, I still couldn’t find any torched houses.

My dad went out walking after me, and did find it. Turns out the house wasn’t the one that caught fire, but the hedge outside it.

Looks like someone must have tossed a lit cigarette into the hedge and it went up in flames. The fence inside the hedge also caught light, but luckily it didn’t spread too far. It was contained enough that I totally missed it even walking past it.

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