Training 3rd August 2019

Went running today, made one lap around my local park pretty comfortably, but my left ankle started to hurt. The same ankle I had a fractured metatarsal on a few years back. Here’s hoping it isn’t serious.

A few hours later it’s eased up, since I’m not putting pressure on it.

I wonder if maybe the cushioning on my shoes aren’t up to par now. Maybe I need to gait test again.

Today’s run, since I’m no longer using Endomondo’s training runs, I did the lap using a constant run, average pace was around 6:07 min/km.

Training – 28th July 2019

After a stupidly long time without running, I’m back at it. Did a lap of the park and I utilised a new app on my FitBit watch, which lets you set a target time and distance and gives you a running “partner” running at that pace to run against. So in this picture, I’m 22 seconds ahead of my running partner. We are both standing still as I stopped to take this picture.

What is neat about it is that once you finish, you can set save your finish time for next time to try to beat it.

Also, while running, I spotted a rusty old BlackBerry that was lying around

Looks like it belongs to Barnet Council…


After an excessive amount of heat over these past few days, it’s actually cooled down today. Even so far as to have some rain appear. Still rather muggy and humid and temperatures are low 20s even at 10pm.

Saturday and Sunday are set to have showers with low-20s as highs. Finally, I can potentially get back to comfortably running.


It was forecast to hit nearly 40 degrees C (104 F) yesterday. And it got pretty close where I live…


But pity the people who have to use the rail. In the heat, NONE of the rail providers could provide a decent service. They had plenty of excuses: speed restrictions, power line problems, signal failures. My journey home made me wait at Kings Cross for about 30 minutes for a train, and then the gate staff only opened ONE barrier. And it was no better on the underground.:

48.3C is 118.94F. In short, people were travelling in near 50C/120F heat.

And while it was 36-40C here in London in the open, it was only mid-20s in Malaysia

Training – 29th June 2019

Didn’t do my runs for most of this week due to being on call, so decided I had to run at least today.

And I happened to pick the hottest day to do it on, with temperatures set to hit 35degC/96degF in some places….

7 intervals 3min/2min with the first one being 3/3 instead of 3/2

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