Virgin Money London Marathon – Shobukhova doping ban, Virgin London Marathon – Latest Race News

The Virgin Money London Marathon was disappointed to hear the news that Liliya Shobukhova has been handed a two year doping ban by the Russian Athletics Federation (VFLA).

It notes that the VFLA has annulled Shobukhova‘s results from 9TH October 2009, which includes her results in the London Marathons 2010 – 2011. If this decision is confirmed after any appeal, then it would mean that results from the years she ran in the London Marathon 2010 (1st) and 2011(2nd) or would be annulled.

Hugh Brasher, Race Director of the Virgin Money London Marathon said, “London Marathon is at the forefront of the fight against doping in our sport, and we are very proud to have been the first major marathon to introduce blood testing for all of our elite competitors, prior to each event. This mandatory blood testing commenced at the London Marathon in 2002, and has continued with all our elite competitors throughout. As one of the world’s leading marathons, we continue to work very closely with UK Anti-Doping, the IAAF and WADA with the aim of eradicating drug taking in our sport.”

As part of London Marathon elite athlete contracts, any athlete found guilty of a doping offence will be required to repay any prize or appearance money.

The athlete has a right to appeal the Federation decision. London Marathon is unable to comment further until that has either expired, or any appeal has been determined.

Virgin Money London Marathon – Shobukhova doping ban, Virgin London Marathon – Latest Race News.

Frozen Vocaloid (EDIT)

Frozen Vocaloid (EDIT)

Frozen has got to be the most parodied Disney film in history. And it was only a matter of time before Vocaloidists jumped on board, with impressive success. Here’s Miku singing “Let It Go” (Japanese Version). I believe this is the Demi Lovato/End Credits version.

And here’s Miku and Luka singing part of the “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” with Miku playing Young Anna and Luka playing the role of Elsa.

And here’s the completed version:

And the movie version of “Let It Go”:

Now, I’m a self-confessed otaku, so here’s the Japanese versions:

Multi Language (Behind the mic)

UK government buys last-minute lifeline with £5.5m Windows XP support deal- The Inquirer

THE UK GOVERNMENT has bought a lifeline for Windows XP ahead of the software’s 8 April cut-off date, handing Microsoft £5.5m to continue supporting the operating system for an additional year.
The government’s £5.48m will ensure that Microsoft continues to provide critical and important security updates for Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003 and Exchange 2003, and comes just five days ahead of the operating system’s End of Life.

UK government buys last-minute lifeline with £5.5m Windows XP support deal- The Inquirer.

Heartbleed and the after-effects

עברית: לוגו של התוסף HTTPS Everywhere לפיירפוקס

Heartbleed certainly shook up a lot of companies, and whilst a lot of companies did their best to get system updated, doing so has caused users side effects, including me.

I use an extension for Chrome/Chromium called HTTPS Everywhere and this forces HTTPS connections to the site you’re visiting. However, since the patching of Heartbleed, some sites have started misbehaving and only work “properly” if I use either the Incognito mode (which means no extensions), or if I deactivate HTTPS Everywhere for the site in question. The side effect of this, unfortunately, means my net traffic to the site in question is exposed via non-secure HTTP. Fortunately, I have encountered only two sites so far which have this problem, neither of them I am too concerned (at the moment) about:

If I encounter any more, I’ll post it here.

Android: Building Playlists

If you are like me and regularly copy music files to your device, you’ll know that some applications only work with playlists, especially fitness apps like Zombies, Run! and miCoach. But these apps use the media storage playlists, so you need to create the playlists in a certain way. I’ve generate a script below. It searches for any files ending in flac or mp3 (common audio formats), and then generates them into an m3u playlist. It prefixes the output with /sdcard/Music (which is commonly where music files go), but this can be changed.

Copy your music to /sdcard/Music/

Copy the script to the same folder.

Change directory into the folder.

Run this script using the line: .

And you will get a file ALL.m3u

if [ -f "$1.m3u" ]; then
echo Removing $1.m3u
rm "$1.m3u"
if [[ "$1" = "." ]]; then
echo Building "$OUTPLS"
find "$1" | grep -E ".flac$|.mp3$" | sort | sed -r "s/^(.\/)/\/sdcard\/Music\//" >"$OUTPLS"
wc -l "$OUTPLS" | awk '{print $1}'
if [[ $SONGS -eq 0 ]]; then
echo “$OUTPLS: ($SONGS songs), not keeping playlist”
rm “$OUTPLS”
echo “$OUTPLS: ($SONGS songs)”

This script can also be tied together with a tree walker like so:

find -maxdepth 1 -type d -exec ./ {} \;

The script at the start of this post will generate one playlist – ALL.m3u containing all the media in the current directory and below.

Using the second line of code will walk the directories in the current folder and generate one playlist per directory.

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