Reporting Drivers

Sky News had an article about Video Vigilantes

Whilst I’m no vigilante, I do strongly believe bad drivers should not be on the road. There was a website mentioned on the article and on the report Police Witness. It sells, and offers dashcams for sale. Some appear to be pretty good , albeit pricey – maybe even better than mine (which is a DOD LS300W)

Which reminds me, I must report a littering Merc and a crazy female BMW driver.

A bolt from the… um… grey?

I bought a dashboard camera a few years ago, and have since upgraded to a better one. I’ve caught a few things during that time, but never thought I would catch this….

All of these photos took place in one second, and were taken driving down Whetstone High Road, North London. Photos were extracted using VLC and by slowing down the video to about 0.03x-0.06x speed then taking snapshots. I would have used mencoder or ffmpeg, but I’m not running Linux, and have no admin rights to install new programs on my box at work.

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