健毅 黃 was out running. He tracked 3.33 km in 19m:45s.

Damn…. I’m WAY out of shape. Whilst my pace is okay (I was doing 6min/km during the Royal Parks), I had and still have trouble lasting more than 3km right now. T_T

Back to the grindstone to get my endurance back up. 3kms for the next few days to stabilise my routine.


健毅 黃 was out running. He tracked 3.53 km in 20m:41s.

Returning back to running after a period of being unable to breathe properly due to a cough. Still lingering slightly, but doesn’t now wake me up at 1am for a coughing fit.

Averaged 5:52 min/km so still within my 6min mark. Running with a Spotify Running list at 160bpm. Finding that’s letting me go slow, but not burn out too quickly.

C25K Training

Reverting back to the beginning to rebuild my foundation after slacking off on long distances for a while. Today’s run was 10 min walk followed by 1 min/1 min jog/walk intervals then another 5 min walk.

健毅 黃 was out running. He tracked 2.96 km in 22m:53s.