Training in Quarantine – Day 68

1 hour walk today, in 25degC heat, including some shopping at the Co-Op (which luckily had no queue outside).

Chased up Toyota as they hadn’t called me, and they finally called me in the afternoon. They confirmed I had passed credit checks so the backup car was reserved for me.

However, the first choice car was still reserved for the other buyer and they were still waiting to find out if they passed checks on another finance company (Black Horse).

So it seems that the finance is primarily with Toyota Finance and the secondary finance company is Black Horse (which, ironically, is who I had my finance with when I had my Skoda.) According to my Toyota sales person, Black Horse is a higher interest finance company.

Training in Quarantine – Day 66

Longer walk today, and somehow managed to trip 5km distance, but looking at the GPS, looks like it messed up and didn’t track properly, showing me literally flying over houses….

Pollen count seems to be high today, got back and my eyes started itching.

Didn’t do the workout — my walk was later than expected due to us watching over a neighbour’s son while they move their things into several van loads (they were moving out, but only a few minutes up the road)

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