Training in Quarantine – Day 203

Forgot to log this walks yesterday, but yesterday morning the entire area was covered in fog and at 7am you couldn’t see more than 50m in front of you. Within 30 minutes, however, it had started to clear.

As for the walk, it was freezing cold at only 3degC at 4pm so my feet were beginning to go numb, even after only a 30 minute walk.

Training in Quarantine – Day 198

A very short walk due to heavy rain.

In other news, I found my replacement to Revolut — Curve.

Curve seems to be different. It’s not a bank of its own, but lets you put debit/credit cards onto your account and when you use the Curve card, the transaction goes onto the default card you have set on your account. And you can move the transaction from one card to the other (only once per transaction though).

Plus Curve supports FitBit Pay, meaning I can use that instead of Google Pay which has now broken again due to my device being rooted.

Training in Quarantine – Day 139

Another grey and rainy day. Found out that even though I didn’t renew my FitBit Premium subscription, some videos on the FitBit app are free to view, so I checked out one of their abs and core videos. At only 15 minutes it wasn’t long, so I thought “oh, it can’t be effective then”

My abs and core begged to differ with me afterwards…

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