Training in Quarantine – Day 194

Evening walk from yesterday that I forgot to log — short walk, the weather was looking ominous and did actually end up heavily raining.

Also, I got a notification a couple of days ago that Endomondo is being retired at the end of the year.

I knew this was going to happen soon at some point after Underarmor picked it up.

I’m saddened by this as Endomondo has been my go-to for a lot of running things, including helping me train for the Half Marathon. Strava is my alternative and a lot of my colleagues are on that, but I really do not like the interface and only really use it for storing my walk/run tracks.

Training – 21st August 2018

I tried (for the second time) to do the next run in the C25K ZenLabs, which was a 22min run I got halfway, then dropped to a walk :(

I checked out Strava’s Premium Fitness Plan offering and dislike it immediately (for a 5K training, it wants you to run 1-1.5 hours as the first run. Seriously?!)

I went back to Endomondo (who have been acquired by Under Armor since I last used them) and their Fitness Plan offering hasn’t changed so reactivated my premium and will start with their C25K tomorrow.

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