Training in Quarantine – Day 160

Day 160 in quarantine. Jeez…. can’t believe it’s got to that many days so far…..

Warm day again, and replaced one of my valve caps on my car — one of the caps had gone mission/stolen and I only found out when I went to top up the air pressure of my tyres.

Affinity Water contacted me over twitter to ask about my previous reports of water problems. They confirmed there was an issue in my area and that had been resolved (which agrees with my observations).

Training in Quarantine – Day 154

A sweltering hot day today. And some weirdness with our water supply today. It stopped, started, went brown, then cleared, but was much more cloudy than expected. Can see around 4 different pieces of work being done by Affinity Water in my area with the description “Relay Short Service Pipe” and with “Urgent” on one of them. So possibly that’s related to what we’re experiencing.

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