It looks like having Injustice on my phone causes my phone to become VERY unstable. Apps start misbehaving and being terminated by the Android OS as it attempts to free-up memory, even when Injustice is not running. I’ve had to remove it off my phone just to get it to behave properly, so now I’m playing it on my tablet instead. I lost around 1 day’s worth of play, but that’s tolerable since I’ve just started it.

Progress is slow, since I can only use the app when I’m at home. But still, I’ve managed to gain some more levels and characters. I’ve even promoted Nightwing and Catwoman.


Oak Hill Parkrun #4

parkrun logo

parkrun logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A nice warm day, gentle breeze. A good run, and broke my current parkrun PB at a time of 25:48, and cam in 38th position. Best position so far. 😀

My SmartWatch said I beat my 5K PB with 25:52, but it didn’t register as a new on the Nike+ site. EDIT: Looks like it just took a long time to register on the site.

And I have to say, parkruns really are a good way to improving your speed. When I started, my 5Ks were around the 30min+ mark. Now, I’ve been getting down, and have nearly taken off 5 minutes from my average 5K time. Seriously, if there is a parkrun near you, go try it out. It’s almost race-like in its organisation, even though it is isn’t a competition, so it is a good way of getting a feel for how a race might feel like.


Tracks: Endomondo, ZR, Nike+

Britain’s new Ukip MEPs exposed: Golliwogs, porn and jokes about paedophilia (and there’s no mercy for seal cubs either)

Did you vote UKIP? Here’s the truth behind your MEPs. Uncomfortable reading for some. Delightful reading for others.


(Picture: Facebook) (Picture: Facebook)

Now the dust has settled, let’s take a look at Britain’s newly-elected MEPs – 24 of them to be precise.

Posed with a golliwog alongside his wife, this is Bill Etheridge, MEP for the West Midlands. And yes, he’s one of the 24 Ukip members voted in as an MEP this week.

Mr Etheridge was ejected from the Conservative party in March 2011 after he and his wife Star Etheridge posed with golliwog dolls on Facebook to make a point about political correctness. Their point was certainly made – but not the way they had hoped.

This was not the last time he would come under scrutiny for his Facebook posts. In October 2013, he defended Ukip colleague Dean Perks, a prospective MP for Halesowen and Rowley Regis, after he posted a pornographic image of a naked woman leading a naked man down the street by his…

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A colleague at work has introduced me to Injustice: Gods Among Us. I’ve spent a couple of days playing it on my tablet, but it seems a little buggy on there (not sure whether it’s my ROM or the app, or both). It’s taken me a couple of attempts, but I’ve got it running on my phone. Unfortunately, even if you have a WBID, your progress does not seem to carry across devices, so I had most of my characters at Level 10 on my tablet, but when I start on my phone, they are all Level 1. I had Nightwing, Sinestro and Lex Luthor on my tablet as starting characters. This time, I have Green Arrow, Harley Quinn and Sinestro, with Green Lantern as my (immediate) first unlock.