iPhone hack: Apple users urged to change password over Oleg Pliss ‘blackmail’ plot


Owners of iPhones and iPads have been warned to change their passwords after a hacker began targeting the devices and demanding a ransom to unlock them again.

Dozens of devices across the world have been disabled by the cyber criminal, ‘Oleg Pliss’, who has tried to blackmail users at £55 a time.

The attacks began in Australia and New Zealand, but there were signs last night that they were spreading to Britain and the US as victims began flooding Apple’s community support forum with complaints.

Werewabbit wrote: ‘I live in the UK and this has also happened to me yesterday. Very worrying. And not a peep from Apple yet.’

Davefromtas added: ‘We were also woken up at 3.30am by all devices blaring like a fire alarm.

‘The message on our devices was the same as those already posted.’

David Emm, from digital security firm Kaspersky Lab, said: ‘It seems likely…

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