Car Update

TfL finally replied and my application for exemption of the CC is refused. Even though my car meets the CO2 emissions requirement, it doesn’t meet the 20-mile EV requirement (must be table to travel 20 miles with zero emissions.)

Details on this article:

They refunded the £10 I paid for registration.

However, I may still be able to get an exemption. Since my dad also uses my car and he’s registered disabled, he may be able to register my car as a blue-badge holder, which gives 100% exemption.

Training in Quarantine – Day 87

A scorcher of a day. My car is showing a temperature of 32 degC.

Had to dig out my desk fan again, only a few days after putting it away.

Noticed more shops are now open. The local pharmacy is open for customers, but a one-way system is enforced. My local Costa is open for takeaway only.

Several shops have signs saying they are opening soon.

Car Update

Went to get my spare key from Toyota. Took them 2 hours to get my car into the workshop and get the key reprogrammed. They left a sign in my car when they were done. They had also washed and cleaned the car in the process.

A mobile coffee truck came along while I was waiting outside for the car to be done. I got a coffee while I waited

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