Training in Quarantine – Day 1

3.18 km in 5:41 min/km, which isn’t too bad considering my best time 5:24 min/km

London is in semi-lockdown right now with only a few valid reasons for someone to leave the house, such as exercise, work (where remote work isn’t possible), providing medical care to a vulnerable person, shopping for essential goods, or for other medical reasons.



Ran through my local park today, to the sound of Eurobeat. The pace was fairly comfortable, and fast enough that I got an average pace of 5:40 min/km

Wasn’t breaking any records with this run, but I was reminded with _annoying_ effectiveness, why I dislike running through the park: groups.

Having to slow down, stop, or run onto the waterlogged grass (waterlogged due to Storms Ciara, Dennis, and Jorge) because the groups are hogging the path is _really_ annoying, especially if you’re trying to keep a specific pace.

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