Training in Quarantine – Day 126

High 20s again today. Went into the office to pick up my phone charger which I left there when I went into the office last time. Even at 5am, the temperature was reading 22degC. Comfortable to walk in at that time since the sun hadn’t come out yet, but the Victoria Line was still baking hot and the stations were pretty dead…

Came back and did my walk around lunchtime, the temperature at that time was around 28degC and my shorts were getting soaked with sweat so I had to change them when I got home.

Training in Quarantine – Day 123

20degC so cooler than it’s been for a while. Nice comfortable walk, but as I was walking past Sainsbury’s there seemed to be some kind of argument going on, and escalating. Didn’t hang around, but possible that this could get to a punch-up level. And it wouldn’t surprise me, Covid has certainly brought out the stupidity in people.

Training in Quarantine – Day 122

Cooler day, still warm, but not overly hot and no rain.

But my walk was a bit distracted by this little guy:

He was abnormally tame, and didn’t run off when I approached and seemed happy to look at me and even lay down. One of the residents told me they sometimes fed him. Probably wasn’t a good idea since he now sees humans as a food source.

Training in Quarantine – Day 120

Boy, oh boy, yesterday was a crazy hot day. I went back into the office as they are going to do a deep clean so we needed to make sure all our desks are clear of any personal belongings.

They blocked out every other desk:

And the air conditioning was reduced since there weren’t that many people in the office.

The temperature in the office was a toasty 26.8degC

But the temperature outside soared to 36degC, and nearly tipped the 38degC/100degF mark.

As expected, the heat destroyed Network Rail’s ability to run a reliable service and services out of King’s Cross were delayed or cancelled.

I ended up using the Piccadilly Line to get back home.

On the way, spotted Blackfriars station had a vending machine for alcohold wipes, hand sanitisers and face masks:

The heat in the trains was horrendous. Eventually made it home and decided not to walk, I was sweating enough as it was just taking the train.

Back to today. Temperatures are back to mid-20s so walking is still hot weather, but not as uncomfortable as yesterday.

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