Meet Saya, the Japanese Schoolgirl Who Doesn’t Exist | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities

Saya may look like a young, beautiful schoolgirl, but she is actually just an ultra-realistic computer generated model created by Japanese duo Telyuka.

Source: Meet Saya, the Japanese Schoolgirl Who Doesn’t Exist | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities

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Pixar-style animated short from Japan delivers flying pigs and lightsabers

If you’ve ever wanted a peek inside the world of everyday Japan, Tokyo Cosmo, a new animated short, may be one of the most stunningly accurate looks you’ll ever get.

Rendered in a style very similar to the work of many Pixar classics, the four-and-a-half-minute clip, directed by Takahiro Miyauchi and Takuya Okada, takes us inside the home of a woman with a fantastic imagination. Her imagination is so powerful that a simple household nuisance soon becomes an epic struggle. Things get so crazy we even get to see a courageous flying pig, a city-destroying monster and a giant lightsaber.

Source: Pixar-style animated short from Japan delivers flying pigs and lightsabers

Project Gooseberry – A Letter from Ton & Francesco

Received this today:

The Gooseberry crowd-funding campaign is over!

Unfortunately we didn’t get enough funding in to make a feature length movie. We do have a lot of support though – over 4500 people donated or subscribed. That’s more than enough to start working on the Pilot of the film.

You can read a lot more about it here:

In a later email you will be contacted about refunds, cancellations, or activations of pledges. We won’t do anything without your explicit approval. Just give us a bit of time to handle it well.

Please read the following carefully, one of the cases applies yours.

1) PayPal and Bank pledges
If you paid us already you will be contacted today or tomorrow. You then can decide whether you prefer a refund or if want to support the film project after all.

2) Credit card pledges
If you have pledged using a Credit Card, no charges have happened yet. We will contact you early next week with an option to cancel the pledge, or to activate it. We will not charge any card without your permission.

3) Cloud pledges
If you promised to join Blender Cloud if we made our target, you will get contacted next week too.

4) Active Cloud Subscriptions
If you already joined Blender Cloud, you will get contacted next week with our plans for further development of Blender Cloud, and how the Pilot project will fit in. We hope you stay on board, but a subscription can be cancelled any time.

You can contact us any time with questions. We do our best to handle emails within a day!


The Blender Cloud team:
– Ton Roosendaal
– Francesco Siddi

Gooseberry Targets not met, new Plan Announced | BlenderNation


The Blender Institute has stopped the Gooseberry campaign now that it’s clear that the updated target of 5,000 supporters cannot be met. Ton presents a slimmed down version of the project which will still lead to substantial improvements of Blender. Of course, each supporter gets the choice to keep his pledge in place or to withdraw it now.


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