I stumbled across this trailer of the Sully movie — the one which tells the story about the famous Hudson River landing.

And this was a brilliant set of editing cuts. It gives you the tension from just a couple of seconds of shots each. If you haven’t watched the film yet, do it now

And here’s a video of the investigation

Heavenly Sword Movie – The Official Movie Trailer – YouTube

Another movie spawned from a game. Will be interesting to see how this one lands.

The Impossible

I’m not usually one for drama movies or tearjerkers, but, being of South-East Asia heritage myself,  I really had to watch this one. A really touching story with cruel twists and may coincidences. Whether some of them were “enhanced” for the Hollywood portrayal of the story or not, I don’t know, but this is one story I enjoyed and one I would recommend you watch, but I do have to say, if you’re easily traumatised, or don’t like the look of wounds, then probably skip this one – it doesn’t hold back.

Fairy Tail The Movie – Priestess of the Phoenix

I watched the Fairy Tail movie the other day, and like most of the story arcs in the Fairy Tail series it plays at your heartstrings. I do like the way the story was structured. There was a separate 12-minute short which tells how the central girl (Eclair) and her stuffed animal friend (Momon) came to meet – by the time you meet them in the main movie, they’re already together.

At the beginning of the movie, for the first 10 or so minutes, there is no audio, just visuals and music. No audio means no subtitles and this forces you to pay attention to what’s going on in the screen. As the course of the film progresses, you learn more and more about the events portrayed in the first 10 minutes. You also learn more and more about the Phoenix mentioned in the title and the background behind Eclair, who is suffering from partial amnesia. Bombshells abound are revealed in the movie about Eclair and the finale is really heartbreaking…

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