I stumbled across this trailer of the Sully movie — the one which tells the story about the famous Hudson River landing.

And this was a brilliant set of editing cuts. It gives you the tension from just a couple of seconds of shots each. If you haven’t watched the film yet, do it now

And here’s a video of the investigation


I watched Quartet last night over Google Movies and was moderately pleased with it. It’s not often you get a classical music-themed movie with lots of professional singers and players.

The movie felt a little jumpy and slightly disjointed for my liking. To be fair all the actors and actresses seemed to be enjoying themselves and there were plenty of funny moments. The whole movie centered on the “Quartet” who previously performed Rigoletto together and have been reunited in time for a Charity Gala to save their retirement home from closing.

However, (spoilers hidden)

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