Training in Quarantine – Day 36

My car was picked up and the salvage agent drove off into the distance in the pouring rain….

He drove out with fuel leaking from my car as he drove the card hard up against the van’s ramp and it made lots of scraping sounds as he was trying to force the broken bits of my car up the ramp too. The ramp was wet, so also lead to my car’s wheels spinning.

He tried to avoid signing the V5C, saying the office would sort it but I insisted he sign (I can do the SORN online, but would rather have something in writing in case).

I did the SORN online ( if you’re curious) and got the confirmation from the DVLA that I’m no longer the owner of the vehicle, but will get a letter in the post. I still have the Section 9 from the V5C but will not need to send it apparently.

The pouring rain continued throughout the whole day and after I finished work, so no after-work walk as I normally do and have been doing every day after work.

I did do my FitBit workout though. 29 minutes today.

Training in Quarantine – Day 35

V5C completed and my car was supposed to be picked up today, got called saying the driver had called in sick and has been rescheduled for tomorrow.

Bizarrely, my insurance company emailed saying that my car had already been collected, which it obviously hadn’t. But that’s probably just because it’s automated.

Went for my walk and did the long loop. Co-op had no queue, my local fruit n veg did, but not as big as it normally does. Tesco Express petrol station had a small queue, Sainsbury’s had a relatively big queue, but also not as big as it normally does. Tesco Express Supermarket, had a reasonably sized queue and Aldi surprisingly had no queues.

So far, out of all the car brands I’ve queried about new vehicles, only Toyota have replied and been engaging with my queries. I guess my next vehicle will be a Toyota.

Training in Quarantine – Day 33

Another walk in nice weather. Did the longer walk today. Queues outside the local fruit n veg. No queue outside Co-Op (though there was on the way back). Small queue outside Tesco Express petrol station, big queues outside Sainsbury’s no queue outside Tesco Express supermarket, and small queues outside the butchers and the fruit n veg stores nearby to there.

Did my shopping this morning. Missed my usual 5:30am queue up and ended at the Tesco at 6:15am and there were no queues. No idea why, there’s normally queues until past 6:30am at least.

And the shelves were pretty well stocked up. So perhaps the panic buyers have finally bankrupted themselves.

This will be the final weekend with my car since it will be being picked up Monday for recycling. So I made sure everything was emptied out of the car today. Out of curiosity, I turned on the ignition (but not the engine) and the electrics all came on and the radio was fine and still had its memory of my stations, and there were no warning alarms. Whether the car is driveable or not, we’ll find out when the salvage agent comes on Monday.

Training in Quarantine – Day 32

Day 32 in quarantine.

Insurance contacted me to say they’ve sent the engineer’s report to the other person’s insurance company to see if they will accept costs.

I’ve asked if I can see the report also.

Short walk, messed up a bit due to my FitBit not locking on at all until about 20% into the walk.

Today did my FitBit workout. Backs and Legs today, 31 mins.

Training in Quarantine – Day 31

Reached the end of the first month of quarantine. Lots of stuff done with my insurance claim, but that’s in another blog entry.

Did my 5k walk, which ended early due to a WhatsApp message.

Someone had just wrecked their car on the SAME traffic island that caused my car to be wrecked, and only SIX days after my accident.

Anyone want to bet they were distracted by my wrecked car?

Hire Car 4

So, it was finally confirmed. My car is written off after being assessed by the insurance engineers. Interestingly, they were also on lockdown so had to make the assessment using the photos I had taken from the accident.

They have valued my car at £3000. Which isn’t too bad I guess. It’s better than nothing.

The car next to me that was also involved was also written off, to the value of £2200. So that’s £5200 being claimed against the insurance of the other driver. The two cars other cars affected in the accident will probably claim the cost of their repairs, which I’m not sure how much that will be. Probably in the 1-2K region, so that’s at least £6200 in total.

Then there’s the driver’s own car’s damage. Assuming it’s not written off, the damage is probably another K at least. So £7200 of cost on the driver’s own insurance.

That drink he had is proving to be rather expensive…..

My car is going to be towed to disposal on Monday, with the other written off car to be towed tomorrow (Friday)

I’ve already started making enquiries to different dealerships in my area looking for hybrids with a size about the same as my Fabia, or possibly the size of an Octavia. Contacted Hyundai, Toyota and Skoda.

So far, only Toyota have come back and they’ve suggested the Corolla. But I’ll have to wait until they open up again so I can take a look at it closer.

No news yet from Hyundai or Skoda.

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