Training in Quarantine – Day 36

My car was picked up and the salvage agent drove off into the distance in the pouring rain….

He drove out with fuel leaking from my car as he drove the card hard up against the van’s ramp and it made lots of scraping sounds as he was trying to force the broken bits of my car up the ramp too. The ramp was wet, so also lead to my car’s wheels spinning.

He tried to avoid signing the V5C, saying the office would sort it but I insisted he sign (I can do the SORN online, but would rather have something in writing in case).

I did the SORN online ( if you’re curious) and got the confirmation from the DVLA that I’m no longer the owner of the vehicle, but will get a letter in the post. I still have the Section 9 from the V5C but will not need to send it apparently.

The pouring rain continued throughout the whole day and after I finished work, so no after-work walk as I normally do and have been doing every day after work.

I did do my FitBit workout though. 29 minutes today.

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