Training in Quarantine – Day 214

Went for my walk on Christmas Day and it was dead quiet. Hardly anyone out, and all the shops were closed. Most of them, anyway. The local Ocakbasi was open (but takeaway only), the local Co-op, and Sainsbury’s were closed. But the local fruit n veg was still open, and the Shell petrol station was open (to cover for those who are driving, even though you’re not supposed to socialise outside your bubble). Surprisingly the Tesco petrol station was not open.

And FitBit announced I had got a new badge.

Training in Quarantine – Day 212

Another evening walk, popped into Sainsbury’s to buy a new tub of chewing gum (I have a habit of chewing gum while I’m walking — not while I’m running, though, the gum is likely to pop out while I’m panting).

Also realised when I was paying for the gum at Sainsbury’s that I had forgotten to start my Fitbit tracking so now I don’t know how long I walked. Oh well. :(

Heater Repairs

We got the replacement heater installed today, mostly fine, the heat of the water is now very high, since the plumber had to replace the piping near the heater, and had to mount a plank of wood on the wall to provide additional support for the heater as the bracket where the heater will be mounted would be too high.

This heater requires electricity, compared to the previous one which did not. Meaning without power, we won’t have hot water.

The plumber had to add cement around the exit flue of the heater and a few hours later I could see a crack in the cement, probably from it contracting and cracking while drying.

The plumber also had to remove an entire cupboard from the kitchen where the heater is and we’ll have to remount that some other time.

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