Google to buy FitBit

Well, this is a bit of a surprise, but not too much a surprise.

Regular readers will know I’m a FitBit user and have been for a few years.

You’ll also know that I’m an Android user, and Linux user.

So I just read this article, about Google acquiring FitBit. I’m curious to see how they incorporate FitBit and whether improve it or destroy it….

And a Press Release has just been found in my inbox:

Training – 7th September 2019

A quick lap around the park. Felt fast and good, but it turns out I was a 5:27, 0:08 slower than my best time. But the chart looks good:

The pace/HR chart also looks okay. Speed (top line) drops at corners, as expected. The last drop is when I’m turning two corners, and I’m under trees, so the GPS probably dropped out.

The HR (bottom line) was fairly stable between 155 and 170 bpm.

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