Introducing CrunchCoin

Yeah, nice try, TechCrunch. #aprilfools


Technology never sleeps. You need to pivot, expand, re-pivot, focus, unfocus, refocus and unrefocuspivot. With that, we are proud to announce TechCrunch’s greatest endeavor since our CrunchPad. Yes. A digital currency that will change consumer lives more than Netscape and Windows 3.1.

Introducing CrunchCoin.

Every new currency needs some sort of “buy-in” to drive adoption. While we think that CrunchCoin will take off on its own, we’re proud to announce that for all upcoming TechCrunch meetups and events, we will only accept payment in CrunchCoin. So if you had an eye on a demo table, sponsorship or ticket, head here to get started with CrunchCoin.

To demonstrate how seriously we are taking our CrunchCoin efforts, TechCrunch employees have unanimously decided to accept their salary payments only in blocs of CrunchCoin.

Furthermore, to emulate the startups we cover, and in some cases respect, CrunchCoin salary payments to TechCrunch employees will vest over…

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6 reasons Frozen is the best Disney film in 20 years


FROZEN Why Frozen is the best (Picture: Disney)

Frozen has been one of Disney’s biggest success stories, raking in over $1bn at the box office, winning two Oscars and inspiring a planned Broadway show.

But this is no fluke. As the icy adventure comes to DVD, here’s six reasons why it’s the House of Mouse’s best film since The Lion King.

1. Trial and error

frozen 1

Disney had tried and failed four times to adapt Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen but couldn’t make the character fit – until Pixar head honcho John Lasseter suggested a little bit of departure from the source might be advisable.

Cue the addition of a sibling dynamic and the ‘villainous’ Elsa being made more sympathetic, even heroic (clearly influenced by Broadway behemoth Wicked).

2. It looks magnificent – and is based on real life

FROZEN (Picture: Disney)

The stunning visuals use computer-generated imagery unsurprisingly but also feature hand-drawn…

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‘Gather the Gems!’, Made with Blender, is Free for 3 days | BlenderNation

Endre Barath is a Blender artist who works for the independent game studio Alpha-Tauri Interactive in Hungary (see some of Endre’s work here on BlenderNation). They use Blender for all their game assets, and for the next three days they’re offering their top game ‘Gather the Gems!’ for free. The offer is valid through March 30.

‘Gather the Gems!’, Made with Blender, is Free for 3 days | BlenderNation.