Covid Jab

Covid Jab

I have now finally had my first covid jab. It took a while queuing outside the centre before I could get in and go through all the checks and stuff.

I got the AZ vaccine

I finally got my jab in my right arm (I’m left handed) and it immediately started to sting. I did not need to wait 15 minutes as that was only required if you were driving. I took the bus in.

Training in Quarantine – Day 301

Moderately cold today, but comfortable to walk in. Did some shopping for more dairy milk on the way home.

Also, I finally got the notification for my covid jab, and I managed to book in for tomorrow and the second jab in July.

In other news, my Curve card had some fraudulent transactions against it which I have been talking to them about today. The transaction is now reversed, and also on Monzo (on which the transaction went to), so we are now even, but to be safe, I blocked and have requested new cards for both.

Training in Quarantine – Day 294 & 295

Yesterday was a nice hot day, but my hay fever came on with a vengeance, and I mean vengeance — my eyes were streaming, my nose would not stop running and I was sneezing almost the entire day, well into the evening. I spent a large part of the day with tissues jammed up my nose in an attempt of relief.

Surprisingly, going out for a walk actually felt better and not much sneezing then.

Today, the weather was hot again, so my dad and I decided to vac out the car, then I did my walk.

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