Training – 30th August 2018

6 intervals today, back to running for each of the fast-walk intervals

Changed the run schedule a bit in @endomondo — Wednesday I’m normally late due to office stuff and Friday… well, Happy Hour ^_^

So next run is now Sunday with a 4x 2min run/1min walk interval.

Training – 27nd August 2018

8 intervals today with two short ones (and that threw me a bit)

Spotted a sign from the local council on a lamp post on the run near the end — apparently, they’d found 2 dead fox cubs with no injuries, implying they had been poisoned, which is in violation of a Wildife Act or something along those lines.

Then on the lamp post opposite “Dog Owners, don’t let your dogs poop on the pavement, clean up after them. You know who you are”

Someone hates animals it seems…


Training – 22nd August 2018

First day training back with @endomondo — more a walk today, but I ran a bit during the “fast-walk” intervals.

I used Endomondo for the voice prompts, but tracked the main workout with my fitbit. This led to my graph being a bit out of sync with the workout graph…

Next run is on Thursday. Well, it’s a walk rather than run…. But start slow, and build up, I guess

Training – 21st August 2018

I tried (for the second time) to do the next run in the C25K ZenLabs, which was a 22min run I got halfway, then dropped to a walk :(

I checked out Strava’s Premium Fitness Plan offering and dislike it immediately (for a 5K training, it wants you to run 1-1.5 hours as the first run. Seriously?!)

I went back to Endomondo (who have been acquired by Under Armor since I last used them) and their Fitness Plan offering hasn’t changed so reactivated my premium and will start with their C25K tomorrow.

Training – 16th August 2018

Did the 2x 10 minute runs today and topped 5km according to the ZenLabs app, but only hit 4.85km according to Fitbit (and I kinda trust FitBit more than ZenLabs in terms of distance tracking)

Set two Strava Segment PRs during this run

This run was done on Lineage OS 14. I downgraded back to 14 from 15 after finding a few quirks with that version that don’t sit well with me.

  • The ADB connection is very flaky, cutting out a lot, and the charge LED blinks during this time, like something is restarting. I don’t get that with 14
  • The general battery usage is really bad. I lose between 20% and 40% battery life overnight, whereras I lose only 15-20% on 14.

I might decided to try again at some point, but on a clean (empty) install.


5min warmup, 5min run, 3min walk, 8min run, 3min walk, 5min run, 5min cooldown

Everything was fine until the second walk where I got attacked by a Jack Russell. Small, but feisty dog.

Last run I got to 3 mins then dropped to a walk.

I’ll try this again tomorrow and see if I can finish it without walking during a run cycle.

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