Training – 28th July 2019

After a stupidly long time without running, I’m back at it. Did a lap of the park and I utilised a new app on my FitBit watch, which lets you set a target time and distance and gives you a running “partner” running at that pace to run against. So in this picture, I’m 22 seconds ahead of my running partner. We are both standing still as I stopped to take this picture.

What is neat about it is that once you finish, you can set save your finish time for next time to try to beat it.

Also, while running, I spotted a rusty old BlackBerry that was lying around

Looks like it belongs to Barnet Council…

Training – 29th June 2019

Didn’t do my runs for most of this week due to being on call, so decided I had to run at least today.

And I happened to pick the hottest day to do it on, with temperatures set to hit 35degC/96degF in some places….

7 intervals 3min/2min with the first one being 3/3 instead of 3/2

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