London’s Ghost Stations: Mapped | Londonist


A really interesting map of all of London’s abandoned and partly-abandoned stations. Some of which I knew about (Mill Hill East for example), others, like Highbury + Islington, which I use daily to get to work, I didn’t know had a different surface building at one point.

Source: London’s Ghost Stations: Mapped | Londonist

Some Myths About Linux That Cause New Users To Run Away From Linux – LinuxAndUbuntu

An attempt to bust some of the myths that surround Linux. Not a lot of them, but still some of them – some of which I see a lot in Windows communities. And the old classic “Linux is CLI only” (facepalm)

Source: Some Myths About Linux That Cause New Users To Run Away From Linux – LinuxAndUbuntu

Cooking with HelloFresh

Gave the HelloFresh service a whirl yesterday. Here’s the results

All the ingredients gave premeasured – with one exception (the lemon), that had to be cut in half for use on the salad (I chose not to do this)


Half way through cooking, the sausage meat was turned into meatballs and frying happily; and the orzo, onions, courgettes, and broad beans are simmering away happily in the other pan.

There were enough ingredients for two servings, so here’s the result. Not perfect — I need to learn how to slice and dice onions a bit more effectively, and perhaps I should have left the beans to cook a bit longer. Also, there’s half a meatball here because I used it to check whether the balls were finished cooking

Final serving

C25K Training

Reverting back to the beginning to rebuild my foundation after slacking off on long distances for a while. Today’s run was 10 min walk followed by 1 min/1 min jog/walk intervals then another 5 min walk.

健毅 黃 was out running. He tracked 2.96 km in 22m:53s.