LPIC-1 Expiry and Google+

Well, it was due to happen eventually, but I got an email saying my LPIC-1 certification is going to expire in 9 months, and I never got to finish LPIC-2.

Well, maybe I’ll redo it after I got my Kubernetes certifications

Finally while writing this post, I notice that WordPress is now removing Google+ support because Google are shutting it down. A pity really, since I did like Google+ and while it didn’t take off, a lot of the features were in G+ because general use, like Hangouts.

Early Birthday

So, today is my birthday, not too bothered about celebrating and presents and stuff, grown out of those childish traditions really. Today is just (unfortunately) yet another day at the office…. :(

Nonetheless, I did get treated to some lobster noodles with the family on Saturday

Then a visit to a Buddhist Thai temple

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