Spent the afternoon with Toyota going through different cars and options. Ended up reserving a Yaris Hybrid.

The car I was looking at had been sold by another salesperson two hours ago, but their credit check had failed, so they were running a check against another company. If that passes, they get first dibs on the car.

So I looked at another Yaris Hybrid. Slightly older, but less mileage, and £500 more — BUT, it looked like it had been treated MUCH better than the other car. It had leather seats meaning it’s likely to get extra hot in sunny weather.

Training in Quarantine – Day 66

Longer walk today, and somehow managed to trip 5km distance, but looking at the GPS, looks like it messed up and didn’t track properly, showing me literally flying over houses….

Pollen count seems to be high today, got back and my eyes started itching.

Didn’t do the workout — my walk was later than expected due to us watching over a neighbour’s son while they move their things into several van loads (they were moving out, but only a few minutes up the road)

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