Decided to up my distance today. Ran a larger circuit that took my past the local cinema and had a few slight inclines and a negative gradient towards the end (or a positive gradient if I go the other way around)

Pace was 6:10 min/km, and 4.37 km, though I probably could have gotten to 5 km if I had finished the last bit without dropping to walk.

"Amended" Timetable

So “amended” means having a two hour gap in between these two trains…

And this morning, coming into London, for the first time, I found a Piccadilly Line train starting from Oakwood, which is very rare.

The Rise of Open Source Software

There’s a nice CNBC documentary talking about OSS and how it’s pretty much taken over the world. Proof if it was needed that open source is better than closed source in pretty much every scenario.

I say “pretty much” since there are definitely certain scenarios where open source is not the best option, such as proprietary encryption algorithms or something that is company-confidential.

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