c25k training. A relatively warm but not overly-hot today. Week 3 runs. 1.5 min run/1.5 min walk, then 3.0 min run/3.0 min walk, then repeat for 4 run/walk intervals.

Felt worked out, but not overly pushed for some reason….

FitBit and ZenLabs were in disagreement about the distance I ran again — ZenLabs said 4.1 km, FitBit said 3.59

Microsoft to Acquire GitHub

Sad news that M$ are to acquire GitHub. I suspect I’ll start getting Windows adverts in my email inbox soon as my office uses GitHub

On the plus side, this LinuxJournal article has proposed some alternatives. GitLab is a good one and even mentioned on some job listings so I guess I’ll move my repos there.

I’ll be removing my GitHub repos…

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