Running #3

Decided to reinstall an old C25K app I used to use, and the first run was:

  • 5 minutes walking warmup
  • 60 seconds running
  • 90 seconds walking
  • repeat walk/run for 20 minutes (8 intervals)

GPS tracking was bad because I hadn’t set it to allow background tracking. Will change that for the next run.

But now my leg is aching again. My lower back part of my right leg is hurting like it’s about to spasm (it has done that before)

Running #2

Went out running again, did only 2.6 km this time, averaged just about 6m59s/km – a far cry from the 6m0s/k I used to be able to do last time.

At least that is now my goal — to try to get to 5km, then try to get my speed to around the 6-minute mark.

My thighs are aching and my shoes do not feel like they’re cushioning my steps as much as they used to. I guess I’ll need to look at buying some new running shoes soon.

Happy New Year

1st January 2022. A new year, a new start.

What are your plans for the 2022 year? I’ve picked up Zombies Run again after a few years away due to its memory footprint inflating so much it wouldn’t run on my S5 without causing Android to force close other apps. It works fine on my OnePlus 9 Pro though.

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