Training – 30th August 2018

6 intervals today, back to running for each of the fast-walk intervals

Changed the run schedule a bit in @endomondo — Wednesday I’m normally late due to office stuff and Friday… well, Happy Hour ^_^

So next run is now Sunday with a 4x 2min run/1min walk interval.

Training – 27nd August 2018

8 intervals today with two short ones (and that threw me a bit)

Spotted a sign from the local council on a lamp post on the run near the end — apparently, they’d found 2 dead fox cubs with no injuries, implying they had been poisoned, which is in violation of a Wildife Act or something along those lines.

Then on the lamp post opposite “Dog Owners, don’t let your dogs poop on the pavement, clean up after them. You know who you are”

Someone hates animals it seems…


Training – 22nd August 2018

First day training back with @endomondo — more a walk today, but I ran a bit during the “fast-walk” intervals.

I used Endomondo for the voice prompts, but tracked the main workout with my fitbit. This led to my graph being a bit out of sync with the workout graph…

Next run is on Thursday. Well, it’s a walk rather than run…. But start slow, and build up, I guess

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