TFL’s French WiFi

So, Transport for London appears to be routing WiFi traffic out to *France* on some underground stations.
I was passing through Marble Arch the other day and Swarm was picking me up as about 8K from L’Arc de Triomphe in France
and Bond Street showed me as in the neighbourhood of Sevres (11K from L’Arc de Triomphe)
Since I was underground, the only method of geolocation was the WiFi endpoint, meaning the traffic was going through to France. But *why* ?


A mobile phone game ported for the PC? This can’t end good, right?

(Checks reviews)

…. yep.

A team of veteran developers of the FINAL FANTASY franchise, headed by venerated producer Yoshinori Kitase, brings you MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY, a mobile RPG of unprecedented quality. The PC version comes 4K visuals and 60 FPS gameplay.



健毅 黃 was out running. He tracked 3.33 km in 19m:45s.

Damn…. I’m WAY out of shape. Whilst my pace is okay (I was doing 6min/km during the Royal Parks), I had and still have trouble lasting more than 3km right now. T_T

Back to the grindstone to get my endurance back up. 3kms for the next few days to stabilise my routine.

Deleted your @uber account and using @lyft? Does it really make a difference? Probably not. Here’s why..

But, as this article indicates, it doesn’t really make a difference. Why? This is why:

Both Lyft and Uber actively work against the interests of their employees.

Although Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was widely criticized for his ties to Trump, one of Lyft’s major investors is Trump’s tech adviser Peter Thiel, who notably funded an anti-First Amendment crusade that brought down our late sister site, Gawker.

Meanwhile, conservatives are starting a #DeleteLyft campaign. But joke’s on them! Ethical decision-making is impossible under late capitalism, and choice is an illusion. It’s Coke vs. Pepsi, and as even as a Diet Coke enthusiast, I can recognize they’re more or less the same damn bubbles in a different shiny can.


Lyft successfully capitalized off this weekend’s #DeleteUber campaign, besting its biggest competitor in the App Store for the first time ever.

Source: Lyft Beats Uber for First Time in App Store, But Under Capitalism All Choice Is Meaningless


So, for me, at least, I’m keeping Uber installed, but going to install Lyft as well and see which ones are nearby. Take a read of the referenced article and make your own decision.

The Man Who Didn’t Invent Email Attacks Free Speech | FOSS Force

Let’s see if he comes after me now, for posting this….

The man who claims to have invented email is taking legal actions, or threatening such, against anyone who publicly disagrees with his version of history.

Source: The Man Who Didn’t Invent Email Attacks Free Speech | FOSS Force

Rings (2017) – TV Store Prank – YouTube

Paramount decided to do some viral marketing ahead of the release of their new movie “Rings” – basically the next instalment of the rebooted Ring/Ringu series for the western audience and updated to use more recent tech. Is it as scary as the original Japanese? Do let me know if you watch it.

Official Galaxy Note 7 investigation blames small battery cases, poor welding | Ars Technica


Samsung have finally revealed details regarding the battery explosions. It doesn’t stop me from keeping being a Samsung person – there’s not many other brands I trust out in the market at the moment. So I’ll keep with Samsung for now,

Two different production problems from two different suppliers killed the Note 7.

Source: Official Galaxy Note 7 investigation blames small battery cases, poor welding | Ars Technica