Getting into my Wife’s Beaver

The Lock Picking Lawyer on YouTube posted this on april 1st. It’s an April Fools joke, yes, but daaaamnn…. how many takes did it take to do this without laughing I don’t know.

If you’ve ever watched any Carry On films with their numerous innuendos, you’ll understand the references.

Training – 17th March

So @Fitbit seemed to be having trouble syncing my runs (although it did manage to sync my stats for some reason)

A full uninstall, data/cache clear and reinstall seems to have fixed that.

Did a run yesterday and made it just about 5K (4.98km actually) and dropped to a walk a few times en route. However, went my old hill climb route and made the hill part without stopping.

I’m interleaving my runs with FitBit Coach now to try to slim down a bit. FBC is actually harder than it seems….

Training – 24th Feb

Forgot to log this yesterday. Ran 4.43km yesterday at average pace of 5:49/km. Higher than normal, but caused me to drop to walk a few times.

Ran a different route – one which was nearly a 5km (the loop itself is 4.12 km) — and actually broke my record on that, doing the 4.12km loop in 22:34.

LPIC-1 Expiry and Google+

Well, it was due to happen eventually, but I got an email saying my LPIC-1 certification is going to expire in 9 months, and I never got to finish LPIC-2.

Well, maybe I’ll redo it after I got my Kubernetes certifications

Finally while writing this post, I notice that WordPress is now removing Google+ support because Google are shutting it down. A pity really, since I did like Google+ and while it didn’t take off, a lot of the features were in G+ because general use, like Hangouts.

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