Please keep hands and other body parts away from the doors….

Evidently this guy thought he could jump the gate, but something didn’t clear it. ^_^



Training & C25K Completed

Completed ZenLabs C25K and now looking at the 10K trainer. First run of Week 9 (it continues the C25K plan) is a near-hour set of 10 minutes runs O_O


First run of the final week and ended up dropping to a walk near the end of the 28 minutes. Disappointed, even though I was slow-jogging and making a pace of about 5:30 min/km on average for the main kms in the middle..


Post-Christmas Day holidays

Well, it’s the day after Boxing Day. The day where the majority of people who haven’t taken the interim days off on holiday, go back to work.

There was definitely a run-down feeling on the train ride into work and the trains were running a reduced (probably a Sunday service), so I ended up running for the earlier train since my normal one wasn’t there today.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day. Jammed up by an accident on the way, but lots (and lots) of food, movies and Wii-ing (is that even a word?)

Was pouring with rain on the way home. So bad, in fact that we had to slow down severely on the motorway. That however did not stop a 4×4 zooming past us. Christmas Day always brings out the idiots. 😑😒😔


Final run of week 7’s set of runs. Next one is week 8 — two 28min runs, then the 5k/30min run.


Second day of 25min run. Didn’t manage to run as far as yesterday, but nearly made the 5k

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