Training – 21st August 2018

I tried (for the second time) to do the next run in the C25K ZenLabs, which was a 22min run I got halfway, then dropped to a walk :(

I checked out Strava’s Premium Fitness Plan offering and dislike it immediately (for a 5K training, it wants you to run 1-1.5 hours as the first run. Seriously?!)

I went back to Endomondo (who have been acquired by Under Armor since I last used them) and their Fitness Plan offering hasn’t changed so reactivated my premium and will start with their C25K tomorrow.

Training – 16th August 2018

Did the 2x 10 minute runs today and topped 5km according to the ZenLabs app, but only hit 4.85km according to Fitbit (and I kinda trust FitBit more than ZenLabs in terms of distance tracking)

Set two Strava Segment PRs during this run

This run was done on Lineage OS 14. I downgraded back to 14 from 15 after finding a few quirks with that version that don’t sit well with me.

  • The ADB connection is very flaky, cutting out a lot, and the charge LED blinks during this time, like something is restarting. I don’t get that with 14
  • The general battery usage is really bad. I lose between 20% and 40% battery life overnight, whereras I lose only 15-20% on 14.

I might decided to try again at some point, but on a clean (empty) install.


5min warmup, 5min run, 3min walk, 8min run, 3min walk, 5min run, 5min cooldown

Everything was fine until the second walk where I got attacked by a Jack Russell. Small, but feisty dog.

Last run I got to 3 mins then dropped to a walk.

I’ll try this again tomorrow and see if I can finish it without walking during a run cycle.

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