Work & Holiday Allowance

Managers and businesses can be so hypocritical, it sometimes drives me up the wall.

I have a holiday allowance and I’m only allowed to carry over 5 days of holiday leave over to the following year – any extra days, I lose. I’ve been lectured by my boss many times about not taking all my leave. So, this year, I booked everything in advance. I had to pull one week off due to work load, and now my boss wants me to pull ANOTHER week off my holiday. When I told her about the excess doing this would cause, she told me “don’t worry, it’ll be approved”.

So, they can make me lose holidays when it suits them, and keep them when it doesn’t…

The Sims FreePlay

I’ve just started play The Sims FreePlay on my Android tablet. It’s a Freemium game (i.e. it’s free, but you have option in-game purchases) and I have to think that the people at EA seem to have some dark humour. Here’s an example. I planted some tomatoes, which have a high XP, but only if they grow. And that’s a big IF. Tomatoes, like some of the other items in the game have a chance to do something else. With some, it’s burning, with others, its spawning a monster. Tomatoes spawns a “Sim-eating Monster” and the only option is to “Negotiate” with it. Which then turns into a fight, and within the fight, you get your sim in a position which looks like s/he is… well, almost doing something a little out of the ordinary…


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