Why I Hate Councils…

A great grandfather is seen crawling upstairs in a shocking video because council bosses won’t fit a stairlift

Dundee City Council says a stairlift would be a health and safety hazard because he shares a home with his young grandson.

Gordon Fraser, 73, suffers a neurological condition called torsion dystonia, which limits his movement and speech.

He has fallen downstairs three times since he moved in with daughter Lucy, in Dundee, after the death of his wife in January.

But the council says that because there’s a child under 10 in the house, which would be too risky.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/elder/12206757/Shocking-video-shows-great-grandad-crawling-upstairs-because-council-bosses-wont-fit-a-stairlift.html


It looks like having Injustice on my phone causes my phone to become VERY unstable. Apps start misbehaving and being terminated by the Android OS as it attempts to free-up memory, even when Injustice is not running. I’ve had to remove it off my phone just to get it to behave properly, so now I’m playing it on my tablet instead. I lost around 1 day’s worth of play, but that’s tolerable since I’ve just started it.

Progress is slow, since I can only use the app when I’m at home. But still, I’ve managed to gain some more levels and characters. I’ve even promoted Nightwing and Catwoman.




A colleague at work has introduced me to Injustice: Gods Among Us. I’ve spent a couple of days playing it on my tablet, but it seems a little buggy on there (not sure whether it’s my ROM or the app, or both). It’s taken me a couple of attempts, but I’ve got it running on my phone. Unfortunately, even if you have a WBID, your progress does not seem to carry across devices, so I had most of my characters at Level 10 on my tablet, but when I start on my phone, they are all Level 1. I had Nightwing, Sinestro and Lex Luthor on my tablet as starting characters. This time, I have Green Arrow, Harley Quinn and Sinestro, with Green Lantern as my (immediate) first unlock.


Dungeon Hunter 4

Found a new Android Game to entertain myself now. Dungeon Hunter 4.


It’s a Dungeon Crawler and has some nice graphics. A bit hungry on the CPU so has a tendency to jump on older hardware, but has a decent storyline (so far), and there’s VOICES, and as an additional bonus, I’m not hearing many American accents. I picked a Warmage as my character as I have thing for mages, and even though the game is freemium, I haven’t had the need to really spend much money on it, and there’s not many features that demand you to buy in-app purchases to continue. The only one that does is the Wheel of Fate which is a gambling game, anyway. Plus you can play the lowest rung (Bronze level) for free once a day.

I’m L13 at the moment, enjoying it, even if I do die on a couple of higher-level dungeons.

Oh, also, shoutout to anyone who knows the significance of my character’s name. ;-)


The Sims FreePlay

I’ve just started play The Sims FreePlay on my Android tablet. It’s a Freemium game (i.e. it’s free, but you have option in-game purchases) and I have to think that the people at EA seem to have some dark humour. Here’s an example. I planted some tomatoes, which have a high XP, but only if they grow. And that’s a big IF. Tomatoes, like some of the other items in the game have a chance to do something else. With some, it’s burning, with others, its spawning a monster. Tomatoes spawns a “Sim-eating Monster” and the only option is to “Negotiate” with it. Which then turns into a fight, and within the fight, you get your sim in a position which looks like s/he is… well, almost doing something a little out of the ordinary…


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