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I’ve just started play The Sims FreePlay on my Android tablet. It’s a Freemium game (i.e. it’s free, but you have option in-game purchases) and I have to think that the people at EA seem to have some dark humour. Here’s an example. I planted some tomatoes, which have a high XP, but only if they grow. And that’s a big IF. Tomatoes, like some of the other items in the game have a chance to do something else. With some, it’s burning, with others, its spawning a monster. Tomatoes spawns a “Sim-eating Monster” and the only option is to “Negotiate” with it. Which then turns into a fight, and within the fight, you get your sim in a position which looks like s/he is… well, almost doing something a little out of the ordinary…


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  1. I didn’t had the chance to play this game, but it’s a freemium title, which means it has IAPs which I think ruin modern games if they are not well balanced. To be more specific, IAPs should give you premium features, not core, essential stuff so gamers could enjoy the game in it’s best form. I will give this game a try and see how the IAPs work here.

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    • Yes, Sims FreePlay is a Freemium title (I mentioned that in the post). And it does offer IAPs, but I find they’re not pushing it too much – at least compared to some of the other games in the market. Everything you can buy or do can be done with or without IAPs. Without IAPs, you just need to wait.

      They do have adverts at random points, usually when starting up the game, or switching screens, but again, they’re not too annoying.

      The only gripe I have with the game right now is the fact that they only support Facebook as a social network. What about blogs and Google+? One building so far required Social Points, which can only be obtained via connecting the game to Facebook and visiting a (real-life) friend’s town, or purchasing it from the shop (IAP). I had to go purchase because I don’t have (and don’t want) a Facebook account.

      This is Freemium game I don’t mind. Other games, such as the creature/pet breeding games where luck is involved, push IAPs more aggressively as the game (usually) rigs the odds against you, which means you’re more likely to pay the IAP to get want you want faster. I’m happier playing this game than, say Dragonvale or Dragon Story.

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