Why I Hate Councils…

A great grandfather is seen crawling upstairs in a shocking video because council bosses won’t fit a stairlift

Dundee City Council says a stairlift would be a health and safety hazard because he shares a home with his young grandson.

Gordon Fraser, 73, suffers a neurological condition called torsion dystonia, which limits his movement and speech.

He has fallen downstairs three times since he moved in with daughter Lucy, in Dundee, after the death of his wife in January.

But the council says that because there’s a child under 10 in the house, which would be too risky.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/elder/12206757/Shocking-video-shows-great-grandad-crawling-upstairs-because-council-bosses-wont-fit-a-stairlift.html

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