These employees really do love their boss: watch their amazing final farewell to him


Mark Stebba served as CEO of the fashion company, Net a Porter, for the last 11 years and is standing down.

As he entered the London head office, he was welcomed by a gospel preacher, net ball team and his staff lining corridors with placards of his face and his name.

While they clapped, a parody version of Aloe Blacc’s hit song ‘The Man’ was sang to him by a gospel choir.

The bemused chief executive, took it all in his stride, even when he saw staff celebrating him via video link from offices in Manhattan, New Jersey, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Like all good bosses, Mr Stebba knew how to reply to such gestures: ‘Thank you very much everybody, I’m a bit overwhelmed, but…how about getting back to work.’

(Picture: YouTube/Diagonal Views) Who said company bosses are not liked people (Picture: YouTube/Diagonal Views)

If only we could say he was the definitively…

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Japanese cat island has more cats than humans and it’s utterly amazing


AD_141736819.jpg (Picture: Flickr/Rahen Z)

Everyone, quit your job, start packing your bags and prepping for a flight to Japan, stat.

Tashirojima, an island off the east coast of Japan, is completely and utterly overrun by cats and it’s just like being a crazy cat lady in the best possible way ever.

With only 100 humans on the island, the population is mostly made up of incredibly cute stray cats – which thrive because locals believe that feeding them will bring them good wealth and fortune. Bless.

AD_141736994.jpg (Picture: Getty)

It is also prohibited to bring dogs on the island, naturally.

Cats were originally kept on the island because they are a natural predator for silk worms, important given that silk was made on the island.

AD_141736992.jpg (Picture: Getty)

But now, now it’s just so cat-mental that it’s become a tourist hub.

Also, oysters are a local produce of the island, so you know you’ll…

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Game (And Software) Release Stages

This is a Google Developers episode detailing how best to avoid releasing broken or defective games on Google Play. It speaks of three release stages: Alpha, Beta, and Canary/Staged Rollout. Alpha and Beta, almost all people are aware of. But Canary/Staged Rollout is a new term for me, but makes a lot of sense.

If you develop and/or release software, this is probably worth a watch.

C25K – Week 3 Day 1

I completed C25K Week 3 Day 1 (1.83 km), in 09:25, pace 05:08 min/km, with @RunDouble

First workout of Week 3, distance training now. Pretty easy – relatively short distances for the intervals, and only four intervals. But, I’m not going to jinx myself

Nike+ Track


Krum – an action RPG made in Blender GE | BlenderNation

The last time I mentioned Krum was over a year and a half ago. The game has progressed a lot since them!

Hey guys, I’ve made a new trailer video for my game KRUM.

It’s a cartoon-ish style, third-person, role-playing game. KRUM has medieval settings, with some fantasy elements…yeah well, actually it’s just a brutal melee game with advanced combat tactics.

And most important about it – the game it self is using Blender GE and Python 2.62. and all its assets and animations are made in Blender.

Krum – an action RPG made in Blender GE | BlenderNation.