Game (And Software) Release Stages

This is a Google Developers episode detailing how best to avoid releasing broken or defective games on Google Play. ItĀ speaks of three release stages: Alpha, Beta, and Canary/Staged Rollout. Alpha and Beta, almost all people are aware of. But Canary/Staged Rollout is a new term for me, but makes a lot of sense.

If you develop and/or release software, this is probably worth a watch.

C25K – Week 3 Day 1

I completed C25K Week 3 Day 1 (1.83 km), in 09:25, pace 05:08 min/km, with @RunDouble

First workout of Week 3, distance training now. Pretty easy – relatively short distances for the intervals, and only four intervals. But, I’m not going to jinx myself

Nike+ Track


Krum – an action RPG made in Blender GE | BlenderNation

The last time I mentioned Krum was over a year and a half ago. The game has progressed a lot since them!

Hey guys, I’ve made a new trailer video for my game KRUM.

It’s a cartoon-ish style, third-person, role-playing game. KRUM has medieval settings, with some fantasy elements…yeah well, actually it’s just a brutal melee game with advanced combat tactics.

And most important about it – the game it self is using Blender GE and Python 2.62. and all its assets and animations are made in Blender.

Krum – an action RPG made in Blender GE | BlenderNation.

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