Arnold Schwarzenegger gives struggling gym-goer ultimate pep talk on Reddit

Someone told me about this. I hope I’m not too late here, I’m traveling, but I wanted to chime in.

I always say don’t be afraid of failure, because how far can you really fall? You found out – to the ground. It’s right there. Now you know it isn’t anything that should scare you.

You should be proud that you weren’t afraid – not embarrassed that you failed. You could have made excuses not to walk into the door, but you didn’t. You knew it would be hard, and it would be uncomfortable, and it might be awkward – and you did it anyway. That’s courage.

I’m proud of you.

The last guy I rooted for broke a world record in the deadlift. You have more in common with him than you think.

First, he started out lifting just the bar, too (when you look at him, he may have been 3 months old at that point). Second, imagine his courage. He walked up to that bar in front of a big audience and television cameras, knowing that not only had he never lifted that much before – NO ONE on earth had – and it was highly likely he would completely fail. You may not think about it this way, but you showed that courage, on a smaller level.

Finally, I’m rooting for you, too. You took the first step and you fell, but at least you fell in the right direction, so get back up and take the next step. Keep moving forward.

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I Beat A Patent Troll And You Can Too


Editor’s Note: Chris Hulls is the chief executive of the family networking and communication service, Life360.

I thought I was finished standing up to bullies when I left junior high. Being the quiet guy and a late bloomer made me an easy target growing up, but I eventually fought back and after that no one ever bothered me again… that is, until now.

As a tech founder, I’ve met a new kind of bully — patent trolls. The greedy, unethical leeches who abuse the legal system and prey on the success of others by extorting “licensing fees” for irrelevant or useless technology.

Like bullies, most people see trolls as a serious problem, but they rarely fight back, because paying them off in a shake down is almost always cheaper than going to trial.

Last May, my company Life360, a family networking app, was attacked by a troll the…

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RPHM Training – Week 6, Day 3

Goal: 2.8k @ 7:53 pace

Achieved: 2.84k @ 5:48 pace
I started a new job this week, and the hours have thrown my schedule out of whack somewhat. The new office has a gym so I did some treadmill running on Friday, but I can’t figure out how to track that on Endomondo without having to type it in manually.
wpid-screenshot_2015-03-21-14-21-41.png wpid-screenshot_2015-03-21-14-21-49.png