Dungeon Defenders

I re-setup my ASUS Transformer TF101 with AOKP and decided to reinstall the apps from Google Play. Fortunately, it keeps track of everything you installed, so all I had to do was scroll down and start clicking install on everything I wanted back. One of the ones I had completely forgotten about, was Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave. It’s not visible in the market anymore, but you can still download it.

Since it’s been disabled, the in-game purchases no longer work, but then again, you don’t necessarily need it to play the game.


The game is still a good, fun, tower-defence 3D game. And I found that there’s a beta of Dungeon Defenders 2 available, but you have to request a beta invite. I won’t be doing that because I’m only playing DD casually, and irratically.

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