Decided to up my distance today. Ran a larger circuit that took my past the local cinema and had a few slight inclines and a negative gradient towards the end (or a positive gradient if I go the other way around)

Pace was 6:10 min/km, and 4.37 km, though I probably could have gotten to 5 km if I had finished the last bit without dropping to walk.


Raining today, so went to the new gym where I recently registered as a member (free since I’m a resident of the area, but then I’m only allowed to use that gym). As a consequence, instead of paying £8.75 to use the gym, I only have to pay £4.55.

Ran 4 km in 25:31, with the speed set at 9.5 km/h for the whole run.


Picked up my FitBit and reinstalled the running partner app on it and attempted to run 2km in a target of 15 mins. Did it in 11mins according to the app, but Strava logged it as 1.91km in 10:45. Strange, considering both are powered by the same data…

Google to buy FitBit

Well, this is a bit of a surprise, but not too much a surprise.

Regular readers will know I’m a FitBit user and have been for a few years.

You’ll also know that I’m an Android user, and Linux user.

So I just read this article, about Google acquiring FitBit. I’m curious to see how they incorporate FitBit and whether improve it or destroy it….

And a Press Release has just been found in my inbox:

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