I came across this article on FailBlog, but it was actually something that hit home quite hard. It’s a thread that talks about grief.

In case you didn’t know, I lost my uncle to cancer in 2017 and sat on a blog entry talking about dealing with loss for months, not wanting to publish it (it wasn’t this entry, mind you) — but I knew that writing about it helps deal with it.

The article on FailBlog links to an old thread by Lauren Herschel, an unrolled version is here:

It talks about grief as a “Ball in a box with a pain button” and the ball fills the box, hitting the button near-constantly right after the incident or loss.

The ball deflates over time, meaning it doesn’t hit the button as much, but when it does, it hurts just as bad, and damn, this is right on the button.

Stockwell Tube passenger dies after being hit by train as he ‘bends down to pick up bag’ – Telegraph

British Transport Police says John Burgess died three days after suffering serious head injuries in horrific accident at Stockwell Underground station

After now using public transport a lot more since changing jobs, accidents such as this now make a bigger impact to my commute to and from work. Even the announcers on the platforms are now tell people not to look over the edge of the platform.

Stockwell Tube passenger dies after being hit by train as he ‘bends down to pick up bag’ – Telegraph.

Monty Oum

The name may not mean much to some people, but to some, he is a well-known game animator, producing hugely popular shorts and series such as RWBY and my favourite, Dead Fantasy — a cross between Dead or Alive and Final Fantasy. It has been reported that he has passed away due to an allergic reaction during a medical procedure that put him in a coma.

Here is the blog entry detailing the news:

And in case you haven’t seen his work, here is Dead Fantasy (all the parts spliced together)

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