Vet sends this heartbreaking note to dog owner after putting his pet down


(Picture: what_fun_that_was) It’s the paw print that really gets us (Picture: What_fun_that_was)

Losing a beloved pet is hard, however sometimes out of tragedy something beautiful can emerge.

One Canadian owner recently received a note from their vet after having their ten-year-old dog put down.

The touching tome contains a thoughtful poem – and even a paw print from their beloved deceased.

Reddit user ‘What_fun_that_was’ uploaded the image in the hope of helping others who have lost pets attain some sort of closure.

He said the poor pup had to be put down after the vet found a very aggressive and painful form of cancer.

Upon receiving the note, the dog’s owner said: ‘It was kind of a shock at first, but that paw print will be treasured.’

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Video: Cat and dog in daring escape from kitchen


Meet Dexter and Gizmo. Their owner, Matt Hirst, would leave them in the kitchen while he was at work, but somehow, they were lazing around the whole house by the time he got back.

Curious to discover how the pair had managed to break free, he set up a camera by the kitchen door to see how they made their daring escape.

The stealthy cat does most of the work by climbing onto his scratching post beside the door. He then fiddles with the doorknob until it opens.

The dog looks on in hope, then reluctantly rushes out, presumably to have a snooze on a comfy sofa. Just before the camera switches off, he mischievously peeks around the kitchen door to see whether anyone saw their rule-breaking antics.

Sorry dog: this time, you were rumbled.

If you’re feeling impatient, fast forward to 01:35 on the video for the action.

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