Blocklist Downloader

A small script to help speed up regular updates for P2P block lists that you might be using for filtering for apps like routers, mail servers, or BitTorrent.

I’ve taken my block lists from, but you can add your URLs to the list and have it download and concatenate as well. Some apps will need to be restarted to use the new filter list. Others might not.

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Tip: .tar.bz2

Ever get a file off the internet with a .tar.bz2 extension? Well, you can extract it in one step like this:

curl | tar xjv

Rather than extracting the tar first, then extracting the tar, then removing the archives. Running curl and piping it to tar in this way means you don’t need to write anything to the disk other than the extracted files, and it extracts as it goes.

Half Marathon Training – Day 83

ZR, miCoach, Endomondo

My body is aching, my legs are hurting, but I feel GREAT! 17.22 km (10.70 miles), 2 hours. Another few km and I’ll hit Half Marathon distance. And I broke several records on today’s run:

  • Calories burned in one session (1338 calories) – ironically, my calorie target is 1500 calories per day, so this run almost burned my entire calorie allowance.
  • Time spent in one session (2:06:35)
  • Distance travelled in one session (17.22 km)


Order & Chaos

Gameloft really need to review their way that they design their maps and the monsters. I just got stuck in a spawn point, being killed by monsters before my load screen disappeared, losing money each time I die, then respawning to the same point, then getting killed again, losing more money, respawning again, then dying again, repeat ad lib.

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