Half Marathon Training – Day 61

ZR Track

A different 5K route today, and it’s slightly longer than 5K, but more flat, so I was able to hit a faster-than-normal pace, and keep it going for a while. So well, in fact, that I touched the top of Green during the run, on more than one occasion. And, I’ve shaved off 90 seconds off my last run’s pace (~8min/km), and around 30 seconds off my average (~7min/km).

According to Endomondo, my current bests are:

Cooper (12 min): 2.46 km
One hour: 9.6 km
1 km: 4m:44s
1 mile: 7m:42s
3 miles: 25m:38s
5 km: 26m:33s
10 km: 1h:02m:40s

Playing with Tor

I’ve been using Tor for a while now, and have been tinkering with settings to try to get it work right. One of the many frustrating things is DNS leaking whereby an application resolves DNS using the host DNS and not via Tor. Consequently, since the DNS server of your PoP (Point of Presence) is usually your ISP’s DNS server, or a DNS server maintained by your ISP, they can easily eavesdrop on your surfing behaviour, by simply connecting a DNS query with a traffic stream to that same IP soon afterwards.

Using DNS via Tor is a bit of a pain, but there are various ways I’ve found that seem to work. Some better than others.

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