RPHM Training – Week 2, Day 1

Cooper Test today. To see how far I can run in 12 minutes. Answer? 2.18 km. My personal best for a Cooper Test is 2.8km, so I am about 0.7km slower. Not too bad, but it does prove my fitness has dropped since my peak fitness.

Next run on Friday (4.4km @ 7:53min/km target pace)


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  1. I forgot about the Cooper test! We did that the beginning of every track and cross country season when I was in high school. We would do the 6 min variation one day and the 12 min the next day. I am going to have to do one of those!

    • It is a good fitness test to compare your progress as you improve your fitness, and it allows all fitness levels to do the same thing and get good output.

      6 mins I find is not long enough, 12 minutes is better, but tougher since you are pushing yourself for longer. But that’s what training is for :D

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