Smell of Gas turns out to be… Durian. [Mashable]

Durian has had a reputation of being a stinky fruit and it’s a well-deserved reputation. This fruit has a smell that can carry over a mile. Literally, on a visit of Malaysia, you could tell when there was a roadside stall selling Durian coming up by the smell.

However, in my opinion, the smell of Durian and the smell of gas are not alike at all…

And here’s what a Durian looks like if you’ve never seen one before…




It’s been a while since I did any decent runs, and today being a good sunny day I decided to go for it.

And shocked by how bad I was :(


I was following Fitbit’s workout which was 2x 12 minute jogs separated by a 90 min rest, then a 3 minute run at the end with a cooldown at the end of the workout. I stopped several times during the runs which annoyed me.

Got the two 12 minute runs down but didn’t do the three minute run at the end.

New Ubuntu Quirks

So, I install Ubuntu 17 clean on my laptop after the issues I had with drivers and immediately found out that gksu was not installed.

Installed that and tried to

gksudo nautilus

That failed and found out that Wayland had replaced the default of Xorg. Found an old Xauthority file from my backups and copied that back, which allowed me to get the popup window back for my gksu, but I couldn’t click it to enter the password :(

Then I found this article:

Which tells me I need to use the admin:/// file prefix instead to open something up as admin. Guess I’ll give it a go later.

Upgrading Ubuntu (fun! ¬_¬)

Spent several hours trying to upgrade my Ubuntu installation from 15 up to the latest 17. The upgrade didn’t fail, but I did see a few error messages, and now I have applications failing to start for various reasons, including the settings applet; and when I install or use my nvidia drivers, ubuntu doesn’t start up properly until I do

apt-get purge nvidia*

But removing all the nvidia stuff causes it to fallback to nouveau which for the most part works, but not exactly good for any linux gaming.

Looks like it’s going to be a full-reinstall job to make sure everything is clean :(

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