[Ars Technica] Pokemon Go Fest’s blunders result in class-action lawsuit

Ouch, Niantic, you really messed up this time….

Although personally I would have thought with all the events you have done for Ingress (anomalies, etc.) you would have figured out the best way to handle this.

Although, saying that, there are FAR more PGO fans than there are Ingress fans….


What could go wrong other than spotty Internet, huge lines, and a server meltdown?

Source: Pokemon Go Fest’s blunders result in class-action lawsuit | Ars Technica

‘The Sims’ is finally coming to your iPhone and Android phones

The Sims – as in the PROPER Sims being made for Android/iOS? Definitely going to look at this, but I bet it’s going to be online only which is pointless when your main commute is Underground.


The actual game you loved—not like The Sims FreePlay.

Source: ‘The Sims’ is finally coming to your iPhone and Android phones

Epic, near-EVE-worthy troll sabotages Elite: Dangerous community event | Ars Technica

How to trust no-one in the deep dark world of space — kinda also reflects real life.

I need to figure out how to play this game properly (I have it on Steam and like the graphics, but the controls are really frustrating….)

“Smiling Dog Crew” shows how you should never let a wolf guard your chickens.

Source: Epic, near-EVE-worthy troll sabotages Elite: Dangerous community event | Ars Technica

FINAL FANTASY 30TH ANNIVERSARY – Timeless Legacy Trailer – YouTube

Has it really been 30 years since Final Fantasy first graces our TV screens? Wow. And all these different versions — not including spin-offs (X-2 , XIII-2, Mystic Quest, and Lightning Returns) and expansions (FFXIV’s Heavensward and upcoming Stormblood, for example) are not included. But the franchise has been going for 3 decades and doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon :)


A mobile phone game ported for the PC? This can’t end good, right?

(Checks reviews)

…. yep.

A team of veteran developers of the FINAL FANTASY franchise, headed by venerated producer Yoshinori Kitase, brings you MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY, a mobile RPG of unprecedented quality. The PC version comes 4K visuals and 60 FPS gameplay.



If you have played the original Pokemon games, you’ll know Abra was a headache to catch, using Teleport to escape at its first opportunity. The only way to stop this was to either catch him on your first go, or use a skill that would stop him using that move – such as one that induces sleep.

In GO, he still makes an appearance, but will escape at his first opportunity. I managed to hatch one out of an egg while I was at home:

And this morning, at Victoria Rail Station, managed to find (and catch) a wild one. A lot weaker than the one out of the egg, but still :D

My technique was to use a Great Ball (have picked up a ton of those recently) and curveball him. Managed to get a curveball + nice bonus this way.

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