Dungeon Defenders II hands-on preview – free-to-play done right?

I was fortunate enough to play Dungeon Defenders I on Android via both Google Play (before Trendy took it down) and Humble Bundle, and loved it. I’m itching to try DDII when it becomes available. With my new higher-spec laptop currently happily playing both League of Legends and World of Warcraft, I’ve become more active on Steam, and found that DDII is now available as an Early Access on there. So if you’re keen for your DD fix, take a look there. Currently Windows-only, though. 😦


Dungeon Defenders II - the friendly face of free-to-play Dungeon Defenders II – the friendly face of free-to-play

Could a co-operative mix of Tower Defense and Diablo be the first game to legitimise free-to-play gaming on the PlayStation 4?

When reviewing the recent A Bird Story we mused over the difficulties of determining exactly how well known some indie games are. Knowing how successful they’ve been is equally hard, given there are no reliable charts or sales figures to consult. But we have to say we did not expect to find out that the original Dungeon Defenders has so far sold 6 million copies.

That’s a staggering number for a game we’ve never heard anyone else ever mention, and which we’d almost forgotten about since its 2011 console and PC release (although it debuted a year earlier on iOS and Android, from which presumably the majority of sales come). But it was always a great little game and as…

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