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Month: November 2017

Goodbye Apple, goodbye Microsoft… hello Linux

Not often I quote from a publication from Ireland, but this was quite an intriguing read. Someone who went from Windows to Mac to Linux (Mint) Linux is everywhere – and will free your computer from corporate clutches It was 2002, I was up against a deadline and a bullying software bubble popped up in Windows every few minutes. Unless I paid to upgrade my virus scanner – now! – terrible things would happen. We’ve all had that right? In a moment of clarity I realised that the virus scanner… Read more Goodbye Apple, goodbye Microsoft… hello Linux


Final day of the Week 2 runs. Nothing major, same routine as the previous two, but decided to push the jog speed up a bit compared to yesterday. Busy day tomorrow, so probably won’t be doing my run tomorrow.


Training today was in a hotel in Dublin so on Treadmill which screws up the tracking of the ZenLabs app. Second day of the Week 2 set of runs


Started Week 2 runs. This week, 5 min walk, then 6 sets of 90 secs jogging, then 2 mins walking, then 5 minutes cooldown. This schedule was more effort than last week and felt better 🙂